Evergreen Theatre and Community SPACES is a not for profit charitable society.

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Studios and Meeting Rooms

Ideal for learning and instruction of all kinds: Dance & Theatre, Culture & Clubs, Art & Music, Film & Television, Events & Celebrations, Lifestyle & Athletics, Production & Offices


For pricing and quotes, please check-out our Rates page.


Not-for-profit or independent artist working on a project? Check out our In-Kind Spaces Program.

Grand Oak Studio & Showroom (3,000 sq ft) – 40’x 80’

This studio is our largest space with a 20’ ceiling, fully sprung hardwood floors, audio equipment, LED lighting, Upright Piano, optional string lighting, and mirrors with blackout drapes. Because this space has a support column located close to the center of the room, it is not recommended for sports activities. Our proscenium stage is located at the South end of the room. Additionally this room can be divided in half with a 9' blackout curtain. This allows for one side to be a 40' 40' studio and the other side a smaller theatre. We offer limited tables and chairs for a small rental fee. Capacity: 150-200 depending on configuration.


The Grand Oak stage is perfect for presentations, shows, recitals, fundraisers, weddings, and special events. There is an adjoining dressing room with mirrors and professional lighting. Check with our office for a full stage plan and technical details. Loading access is through our main building entrance, no loading dock available. 

Kitchen & Bar

Our kitchen and bar facility is a non-licensed facility. It is adjacent to the Grand Oak and can be rented by groups for use during special events and functions. Users are required to provide their own liquor license if they wish to serve alcohol. Please note: we do not allow any glassware to leave the bar area (plastic only).

Spruce Studio (1,600 sq ft) – 40’ x 40’

This is our second largest space. It offers a 20’ ceiling, sprung Marley floors, mirrors (no blackout drapes), LED lighting, ballet barres, sound baffling panels, and sound system. Performance lighting options avialble, including space blackout and LED Bar Lighting. Capacity: 40

Maple & Fir Studios (800 sq ft) – 40’ x 20’

These studios offer 20’ ceilings, sprung Marley floors, barres (Maple only), mirrors (no blackout drapes), LED lighting, sound baffling panels, and sound system. Capacity: 20

Birch, Cedar, Elm Studios (760 sq ft) – 38’ x 20’

These studios offer 20’ ceilings, sprung Marley floors, ballet barres, mirrors (no blackout drapes), LED lighting, sound baffling panels, and sound system. Capacity: 18


Pine Studio (720 sq ft) – 30’ x 24’

Our Pine studio is located in the interior of our facility. It's great for Yoga and seminars.  It offers a 12’ high, open industrial ceiling, sprung rubber gym mat floors, mirrors, dimmable lighting, sound baffling panels, and sound system. This studio also offers a screen and video projection system and can be used as a viewing theatre for a/v presentations. Capacity: 20

Ash Studio (670 sq ft) - 29' x 23'

This studio is located on our upper gallery level. It is set up for auditions and theatre rehearsals. It has an 8’ high ceiling, carpeted floors, and walls painted for film/tv auditions. It has a video green screen wall. There are no mirrors or sprung floors in this space. Capacity: 18

Creative Skylight Studio (225 sq ft) – 15’ x 15’

This is a unique meeting and diverse space. It is a carpeted and tiled space that offers a large coffee table and comfortable couches. It has an 18’ high skylight that allows in full natural light, and features 8’ high whiteboard walls for extreme creativity. Perfect for meetings, script workshops, season planning, design meetings, extreme brainstorming, and more! Capacity: 10


The Spaces offers a variety of small offices available for lease. Offices range from $400 - $900 per month and all utilities are included (excluding internet and telephone). Offices include one underground heated parking stall. Contact our office to set up a viewing.


Located on our upper floor, we offer a storage cage room with individual, secure cages for monthly rental.  


The Spaces has a modest production facility located on the upper level. Its primary function is for the operation and execution of Evergreen programming. It offers laundry facilities and a large central worktable. The space is available for rent when not being used by Evergreen Theatre. The workshop does not provide tools or supplies. It is ideal for small prop building, costumes, sewing, puppet making, etc.


We have a variety of parking options for over 100 cars. A portion of the parking is located in our above-ground parking lot. In addition, we have a heated, 30-car underground garage. Access to this garage requires a parking code for security.  There is free street parking on 8th Ave and across the street from the Spaces. Check our parking map for more details. Please ensure you do not park in any designated or restricted parking area.


There is a 300 car pay lot located on the west side of Willowglen Business Park accessible from Center Ave. Evening/weekend pay rates are $1.50/car after 6pm.


Our parking garage can also be rented out for special events such as parties or band rehearsals. It’s a unique space for unique events. Contact our office for more details.

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